How Management And Employee Satisfaction Are The Keys To Company Growth And Success

Employees are the crux of the organization in every sector. The organizational goals will be accomplished only when the employees are happy. Both content and consent of the employees in every aspect of decision-making help in quick resolution and better results. The brunt of the pandemic on the aviation sector is known to all, this clearly has had a major impact on the employees in the industry. However, almost all the airline companies have ensured to offer immense support to the staff in the best ways possible. Similarly, even the Cathay employees being part of one of the largest airline companies have been given absolute priority during the crisis.

Employee management and satisfaction are the keys to a company’s growth and success. Any company can achieve desired results if the employees are engaged through a holistic approach.

Let us find out how the aviation industry can retain and sustain the much-needed motivation in the employees

Since the airline sector depends completely on employee services which build its brand as a customer-centric company it is important that all the employees understand their significance in creating excellent market value. In contemplation of the scenario, the airline companies have put efforts to manage the employees in the toughest situations as they bring value to the company. The need to take care of unhappy employees has never been more than in the recent past since the pandemic. Building sustainable employee engagement strategies motivate and inspire the staff to be efficient.

Have open communication channels to promote transparency

Employees work better if they get complete information. For example, the communication cycle is complete when the receiver understands the message and reciprocates. This calls for transparent communication channels. The employees must be able to communicate and express their feelings clearly to their managers which helps in reducing stress at work. Regular open discussion, one on one personal interactions, team engagement activities, and addressing issues or concerns of the employees helps in employee motivation.

Giving importance to the mental health of the employees

All over the world, there is a definite change in every company post-Covid-19 in the way employees are managed. Today there is much importance given to motivating and keeping a tab on the emotional well-being and mental health of the employees. Employees can be kept motivated at all times with dedicated support from the management. Identifying critical emotions like stress, anxiety, depression, anger, etc of the employees through their behavior helps in dealing with them. Conducting workshops to promote emotional strength, stress management, and ways to deal with failures help in keeping the team motivated and strong both mentally and physically.

Rewards are always rewarding to the company

It is a fact that employees can be motivated through reward programs, promotions, perks, and fringe benefits. To keep the employees happy the management can design strategies to help employees through extrinsic motivation. Today since there is so much terror about medical expenses the management can plan for amazing medical benefits to cover all the costs of the employee and the entire family. This kind of motivation not only helps in employee management but it creates loyalty and increases employee retention. Additionally, other benefits like flexibility in shifts, verbal appreciation, leave encashment, etc turn out advantageous in motivating the employees.

To sum up, the maximum amount of time an employee spends in a place is in the office. Therefore creating a conducive working environment promotes employee engagement. Since the airline staff are always on the field they are prone to communicable diseases so taking care of them and thanking them to be a part of the organization sustains motivation in them.